Thursday, October 09, 2008

Countdowns Aplenty

I/We have lots of events coming up, all crammed into the next three weeks period. With all these events all lumping themselves together I am going to spend the next three days getting as prepared for them as possible.

The Events:

  • Casey is home for two weeks straight.
  • A Pampered Chef party
  • A Cub Scout Halloween party
  • My Father in Law is visiting.

The Needs:

  • Must get the bulk of cleaning done this weekend so our time with Casey is spent together and not cleaning which in this house is sometimes synonymous with me being a harpy.
  • Must clean all "public" spaces very very very well, mostly focusing on the kitchen, living room, and downstairs bath.
  • For the Scouts I want to get the yard cleaned up, which included the garden beds, and all the dog deposits. Plus I need to make sure that the yard is generally space for all those crazy kids.
  • For my FiL visit, I just want to have a clean welcoming home, and have all our Halloween decorations up.
  • I also want to draft a two week ( at least) meal plan and shop from my pantry first then the store to make sure all the groceries are readily available. I do not want a food meltdown which in the midst of this prep or events.

Today to-do's:

  • Clean, Clean, Clean
  • Mop and super vacuum
  • Dust Dust Dust
  • De clutter the "public" spaces, it amazes me how much extra stuff I just had hanging on our fridge!
  • Windows and Sills, Lord, please stop sending us Flies, they are gross.
  • Pantry clean up, this room always ends up messy, Why??


lisa 8:12 PM  

I hope things are okay down yonder.


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