Friday, October 24, 2008

I might be many things...

I voted today because I know the lines will be crazy here on Nov 4th. So I went on down to my library, hung out in line for 20 minutes, voted, pressed the big red Vote button and snagged my sticker.

And THEN...

I was called an Ignorant Republican Bitch by someone at Alex's school. Now I might be many things, Republican and Bitch included, but I am FAR FAR FAR from ignorant.

So I set that harpy straight on regarding Obama's support of live birth abortions, and told her that I don't judge people based on their political choices, but based on their actions. Therefore in my book she was a Bigoted, narrow minded snatch.


And THEN...

The little Hispanic Democrat grandma that I had been having a friendly political talk with gave me a High Five and said Amen!



lisa 4:49 PM  

That first woman was a total bitch. wow!

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