Monday, September 15, 2008

A Sun Shower

A cold front moved through our area yesterday which is bringing us a fabulous taste of fall temperatures as well as some rain! But not just your normal everyday rain, SUN RAIN!

We had lots and lots of rain all while the sun was shining so sunily and bright. Off and on all day we had bursts of showers. It was great!

Not only did the cold front bring us rain, but the rain brought us two stray little puppies. Who are currently adjusting to a household that is all ready brimming with pups, which brings our temporary number up to 7, yes 7 dogs. We have a sneaking suspicion that these pups come from the same mother/place that Jenna did. They have many similarities like their legs, eyes, and muzzle shape. Oh goodness they are SWEET too! I am currently trying to find their owners and or a new home, which shouldn't be too much of a problem cause they are such loves.

So I got up early this morning and opened every single window in the house to let in this cold front. With all of us being sick last week I really wanted to air out the rooms, and today is perfect because of the cool temperatures and brisk wind. Love it!


lisa 8:57 PM  

oh my goodness those pups!!! But seriously what is with people not looking after their dogs. >=(

I love your sunny rain pics, nicole!

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