Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9pm Please

This week has we up early every morning so I can get done a boatload of chores and work things to make my evenings run smoothly. Things like laundry, answering emails, paying bills, budget work, dog care, kitchen duty, garage cleaning, trash duty, dinner prepping, and endless list making. I am working this week downtown, so my commute time has essentially doubled and that is without the possibility of traffic thrown in. I also have the two extra pups to care for and all the messies they can make.

So 5am it has been.

But it has also been 11pm.

Yea Gods, that late bedtime is kicking my booty. And its not like I have to be up that late, I just did it to myself because I finished the final book in a very long series and it was killing me to leave the last 40 pages for the next day. I am paying for it today, me tired, blurry eyed and waiting for the commute home all ready.


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