Sunday, August 17, 2008

There's a party over there...

One of the things I love about Casey is how protective he is of our family and home.

One of the things that can drive me nutty is his constant up and down, up and down, when he hears something outside.

One of the things about Casey is that when he goes and peers from the windows to the outside, he doesn't always flip the blinds back down.

One thing that I have noticed this week, it sure does sound like there is a party going on outside, when I am in certain rooms in the house. Hence I am living my nights like Casey, up and down, flipping the blinds.

So I did some MythBusting and have discovered if the fan is on in my office and Alex's playroom both at full tilt, then those two fans do something to the air to make it sound like a Rave is happening in the front yard. Be you can only hear it from my office or our bedroom.

Turn one off, no base thumping.

Leave both on, I need a glowstick to go dancing with.

It is slowly driving me nutty. Why haven't I ever noticed that sound before???

And on top of that, Alex is totally into a StarWars novel on CD that he listens to at night in bed. So every once in a while, I hear deep male voices. And light sabers.

That is when I get up and turn off the CD player.

Sorry kid, listen to the Rave instead.


lisa 7:26 PM  

isn't it weird how you'll notice things that must have been going on before?=)

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