Saturday, August 02, 2008

Tagged by the Karelle

Karelle tagged me with a meme, so here goes.

What is your favorite quotable line from a movie?

"I carried a watermelon."

Hmmm I had to think about this one, because Karelle's is honestly right up at the top of my list... but you can't beat Dirty Dancing... oh yeah.

Who is the most famous person you’ve talked to?

Hmm most famous person I would have to say the Giambi brothers, Jason and Jeremy, they are Casey's cousins. I admittedly have zero interaction with them, I last talked to them at Laura's wedding YEARS ago when Casey and I were first dating...

How many bags/boxes of potato chips are consumed at your house per month?

Maybe one or two, it depends if Casey is home. But we use to be able to find Honey Mustard kettle chips, oh gods were they great!

What foreign food dish do you prepare from scratch and serve?

I make a mean batch of fried rice. LOL! It sure can be tricky.

What is your favorite section of the supermarket?

My favorite sections are broken up by store:

Costco: It would have to be the cheese cases.

HEB: The frozen foods.


SunHarvest: Bulk Bins.

What was your high school team’s mascot and what were the school colors?

We were the Panthers, rivals to Cow-Pie High. LOL! Loved our mascot. Our school colors were Red and White and then they threw in Black for contrast. I think Cow-Pie high called our school Kitty-Litter High.

Ok, now I need to tag someone.

Heads up LeaAnn and Marty!


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