Friday, August 01, 2008

Color, a little bit around me.

I have discovered through lots of trial and error that I am the kind of gal who likes cloth big old pockets on straps kind of purse gal. This is my newest and current favorite and of course Target is my source. The wallet is new too after my pink leather one of 5 years ripped down the middle, two half's are not better then one. You can even see my keys which are colorful too, thanks to the XCaret butterfly, the half dozen club cards on my ring and a Tinkerbell key. Every house is 100% better with a Tinkerbell key to get in the door. You should try it. And of course the pocket on a strap must be big enough to hold a book or magazine or catalog without all the world knowing, there is my current look-see, Gooseberry patch catalog.
I have also been stashing a couple pieces of Alex art through the years, you know the stuff you stick on the fridge. But some of that stuff is fabulous stuff and it deserves a frame, which these too do. Sorry for the glare on the right, I was just too excited about getting these in frames to care. :) Alex's school has a great Art Teacher who loves to have the kids do one big project a month, everything from clay sculptures, to oil paints, to pastels, to wax scratch offs. Love our school district for NOT cutting back on the art program.


lisa 5:51 PM  

Alex's art looks great framed!

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