Monday, August 11, 2008


I found myself today trying to find color, anywhere, give me some color. Our downstairs walls are still in beigeland, and I am getting tired of it. Our couch is even a resident of beigeland, but that choice was my own mistake.

So after a lunch date with Alex, we scored MarioParty8 for the Wii at Gamestop for uber cheap. That brought some color to our day, but, it is a video game.

After seeing Dark Knight and wondering in its lack of color, and my silently lusting after a green suede vest and purple suit, we came home and ate a colorful dinner of VEGGIES and rice. Yummers.

And then we wandered outside to check on the garden in the heat of dusk, and there she was, the DayMoon in a sea of blue sky. There is some color for me.

We spent our evening Wii-ing, eating, watching the Olympics and swinging on the set. A good day.


lisa 11:53 AM  

mmm love it. beautiful moon. you usually seem to capture a beautiful moon!

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