Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Casey offloaded all the Cancun pictures from his laptop today. Unfortunately our crappy waterproof camera has eaten all the shots we took para sailing and at Xcaret, so I will supplement from the pictures from our friends.

The way I started our trip, perched right at the window watching the clouds listening to Coldplay.

View from our balcony, the water was seriously so turquoise in color.
Tom, oh the stories I have about him. Him and his wife Tracey were so fun to hang out with.
Part of our group the day after snorkeling I think we were going to Xcaret.
Xcaret's cemetery, it was AMAZING. A big mound of graves each one covered in images, toys and carvings.
Puma at Xcaret, more to come about this spot.

Our friend Christina who we met at the resort. Her husband Billie is in some of our shots as well.
I didn't catch the looks on our faces till later, but this is sums up Casey and I in Mexico. :)
Elizabeth with the natives at Xcaret. Nothing was hokey at this place, when you walked into the stadium for the show, you seriously felt like you were traveling back in time.
A happy Casey during our beach side lobster dinner.
The pole dancers at Xcaret. They were balanced on top of a 100 foot pole dancing and then they would swing down with ropes tied to their feet.

The beach at Tulum, crystal clear about 100 yards out.
Me with more of a tan in the wind before we hit up the bar. :)
Us before dinner.
Me and the chili verde pasta, so good. And you can get a glimpse at the bracelets we had to wear for the duration of our trip. The bracelets let you get everywhere and not be hassled. Ours was the VIP so it was pretty much carte blanch.

Casey at Tulum before we entered the grounds.
Tulum, isn't it fabulous that there are still places like this left around. I loved it there.
It is a massive compound and incredibly HOT.
The view from the cliffs at Tulum.
This is the Jade house where you can still see the paintings inside the temple. If you look up top you can see some red hands prints which was the painters signature. This temple use to be entirely covered in Jade.

Kelly and Keith, our mucho gusto friends and "wall mates". Our rooms butted up to each other, so we ended up just leaving the doors between our suites open during the day.
Riska and Roland our amazingly generous hosts. Love them to bits!
Happy Casey at dinner.
The view from our Lobster dinner.
Me at Tulum, we had just seen a bunch of wildlife on the trail to the compound.

Day 1 at the resort.
My favorite tree, it looked like it had 3 foot long vanilla bean pods hanging off of it. Our resort was beautiful!
One of three pools, all in the row leading to the ocean.


lisa 9:07 PM  

wow...completely gorgeous and tropical. Some of those skies and ocean shots wow!

gina 11:51 PM  

beautiful place!! the ocean color is amazing!

Karelle 12:02 PM  

Beautiful! It looks like you guys had an amazing time!

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