Friday, June 13, 2008

A week list

Alex on the last day of school, in his tie dyed autograph shirt.

  • Two loaves of bread and a meatloaf are in the oven. Hmmm tasty.
  • Cupcakes are on the counter.
  • Watermelon is in the fridge.
  • Headache is on the head.
  • Clean flannel on the beds.
  • Husband is on his way home.
  • Kiddo is out of school for summer.
  • My girlie is watching kiddo on the days I work this week. Love her for that.
  • Father's day is right around the corner and gifties are done.
  • Winds are battering my tomatoes and green beans.
  • Blossoms are abundant on our cucumbers and cantaloupes.
  • Vacation is on the horizon.

The End.


gina 8:42 PM  

sounds good to me!!

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