Friday, June 20, 2008

Tied Up Twisted the Way We Like to Be

Whew, it is finally Friday. My favorite day of the week, the Casey day. Alex and I have been busy this week with work for me, many play days for him, saying good bye to a very special friend, gardening, Lego building, bread baking, and new sheet loving.

Can you say Monkey love?? My mom gave Alex these sheets from Target and they are perfect for our summer. A summer that is keeping us busy outdoors and enjoying the late hours.

We have so much to do this week in preparation for our duo vacation. We must pack our bags, get Alex all packed up, get the dogs to the borders, the mail stopped, the friends setup to water the garden (and snag my first haul of tomatoes), and all our regular stuff too!

So blame my absence on the summer months and all the busy things that are tying us up.


aunt lisa 11:12 PM  

I have the matching monkey hand towel!

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