Sunday, June 22, 2008

In the Tomato Shade

Today I was spending some time in our garden, weeding and training and pulling plants past their prime. And as I crouched by the beds with the hot sun beating down, the wind shifted and blew the tomato plants just enough to shade me. I was suddenly in a mini garden jungle in cool shade inhaling the scent of growing things and dirt. It was bliss.

Wild boxes, half ready to dump large hauls, half replanted for a new summer crop.
A baby green bean, can you see it?
Tomato jungles.
Five feet of green beans.


lisa 11:13 PM  

so fantastic to see the success! wow!

Karelle 6:34 PM  

Ooooh... So beautiful! I'm green with envy! ;) My tomatoes are growing well and I think we'll have cucumbers, but none of the lettuce, onions, or broccoli came up. I can't wait to build a new square for my beans and leeks. Mmmmm...

gina 11:30 PM  

great garden you have there!

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