Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am Crackin'

We got new cell phones this weekend and I officially know why they call BlackBerries, CRACKberries. They are so fun, and so addictive and I am doing all I can to not be one of "those" people. But it is damn hard when this handy little device gives me my schedule, to-do list, email, texts, AND the new Coldplay song. Damn it is awesome-ness.

Throw in a new zombie read, my favorite chapstick, and iPod remote and going to be has never been so good.

Awesome Crackin'.


Karelle 8:09 PM  

Hahaa! Morgan is totally addicted to his crackberry too. I don't even want to go there because I know I would be lost... Glad you're having fun with your new toy! ;)

gina 9:59 PM  

fun new toy! is it the curve?? wayne wants that model so bad! he has the pearl right now.

screamingiguana 10:50 PM  

Curve... yo..

Thats the way we roll


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