Saturday, May 24, 2008

One Spot

This is my one spot. My spot to grab a few minutes to breath. My spot where I pray and study. My spot where I talk on the phone. The spot to pile a few clothes. The one spot that is soft and soothing and surrounds me with favorite things. I finally got around to hanging those pictures, they are not even or perfectly spaced, but they are up and each one holds great snippets of our life. I love my one spot.


lis 11:44 PM  

very sweet. I've been meaning to hang my pictures for a year now. My place is seriously lacking until those pieces go up.

Wani 3:53 PM  

great spot! someday I'll have a spot. Right now my almost 3yr old invades about every bit of personal space and anything he doesn't get to my still nursing 14mos old gets. sigh...

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