Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On the Edge Of It

The edge of tonight's spring storm.
The other day I talked to two of my oldest and dearest friends. Like all our conversations they started off with random silly things we have said for years and years, said for so long that we forgot the silliness that started them in the first place. But these things are the habits and actions that keep the friendship webbing between so strong regardless of the years and miles. As soon as the silliness stopped I knew that this was a serious phone call, one of those phone calls that make us feel like adults of today, not the silly kids we were in the past.

These two are going through a tough time, a time that I know they will overcome, that will make them closer to each other (more then they all ready are), a time that will be hard, but will have been worth it for all that they were able to avoid. I have been thinking about them and their son this week, sending out prayers and love into the heavens in their names, holding them closer to my heart. Wishing that they didn't have to go through it.

Seeing how they are during this time has shown me that so much beauty can be seen during the ugliest and roughest experiences. Whether it is the beauty of a strong marriage or the noble character that shines through, there is beauty there to be noticed and noted. So even though I doubt they will read this, I just want it said that I am so proud of their family and have so much love for them as they weather this storm. I love you guys.

A beautiful fold.


lisa 1:33 AM  

a) your camera is BOMB
b) your photography skills were always better than I realized and were held back by previous cameras
c) you have mastered the art of photoshop

Rachel Anne 10:38 PM  

Gorgeous photos, and sweet thoughts of your friends. I'll say a prayer for them, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog and "chatting!" I enjoyed your comments. Hope you have a great weekend.

Jealous of your veg garden...

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