Thursday, May 08, 2008

It really works!

Tonight by sheer I-can't-wait-any-more-urges, we got our first "produce"!
I was testing out my carrots, which have been a bit of an experiment from the very beginning because I didn't thin them and I just used a big old rubber maid tub for their bin, and just for poops and giggles I pulled one stalk and found this! A wee tiny baby carrot that smelled heavenly.
If you are a carrot lover you know that carrot smell, sweet sweet and more sweet. Once I cleaned it up, I took the three mini bites I needed to eat it up. And it was good. And I can't wait to pull the rest up in a bit. Now I just have to figure out how long that bit of time needs to be!


lisa 10:51 PM  

Yay! I am so excited!

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