Saturday, May 10, 2008

Idaho in a Picture List

Okay random pictures in no order, just as I could get them to load. More details later...

Wedding cakes that Carol and I did.
Sweet sweet Alex, the ring bearer.
Christine and Donna, all smiles.
I made the bouquets!
Love my crazy man.

A HUGE dog at the farmers market, so cute.
Two bags of stash at the world's coolest candy store, Powell's.
Alex's mode of transport with Uncle Matt. Easily puts him 8 feet in the air.

Matt after his Lacrosse game.
Play pictures, Matt was Great Big Little Panther.
Tigs!!! I have a picture of me with Tigger the morning after prom, 16 years ago! And he is still around.
Alex in Grandma's Council chair!
Screwing around at the Fred Meyer's.
Best damn pizza ever!

A cup of soul, it was so yummy.
The men at the capital, which is being refurbished.
Tulip love, they are EVERYWHERE!
A fitting building for Alex.
My new favorite place to shop. I think we went 6 times. Seriously.

Cell block lock down.
This cell block FREAKED me out, I did not like it one bit.
Of course Casey would make him lay down on one of the beds. UGH!
Coolest murals all over downtown.

The Pen, of course we would visit a haunted prison. Why not?
Loads of fun signs everywhere. Casey had Alex stand in a dark corner, UGH!!! Of course Alex loved every minute that Mommy was creeped out.
oops, wrong way. Casey is in solitary confinment, scary place.
One of two airvents for 8 solitary cells.

Wedding prep!
Benny loves Casey.
Smoochie Love.
Freezing in Idaho City, it SNOWED on us!

On the real Thunder Mountain train.
Beautiful country.
My Men...


gina 8:27 PM  

Great pictures!! I love the one of you and Casey. ;o)

Isn't Fred Meyers AWESOME?! I experienced it for the first time as well while in Spokane - I loved it!! I wish we had them here!!

lisa 4:35 PM  

These pictures were just amazing. The wedding looked beautiful, GREAT bouquets (totally your touch), love the family pics, and the colors of your jacket and scarf, love the creepy feeling and alex's enjoyment of the haunted prison!

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