Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mid week and still more to go.

This week has been busy from sun up to sun down and past that. I have been working alot, which is great, but it gets tiring when you juggle work and home and outside commitments.

Casey has been an awesome support at home this week, we exchange Honey-do lists every day. Well, let me rephraze that and say I email him a honey-do list and he does what a honey does and does it. But this week, it has been incrediabley helpful, especially on the Alex front. It has been great to get home, late for me, and have laundry, homework, reading, and chores all completed by bugman. And (AND!) Casey even had dinner ready and HOT (so yummy) waiting to put on the table when I got home last night. I totally and completely appreciated that because my day was long and the night before was short.

Tomorrow night will finish my crazy week of obligations and open up 3 days of no outside work, just house work. Which I am looking forward too. Working at home, maybe warming the couch or cooking up a storm. Love our work. Love the body draining fatigue that comes from working hard and getting things done.


Anonymous 11:09 PM  

Wow, so busy...but sounds as if you have the fulfillment that comes with busting the booties.


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