Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 1 of 3 Off

*sigh* said my mind when I came home last night...

After taking Alex to school this morning I came home and fell right back into bed with Casey. And we slept, slept so late that when we finally roused Casey looked at the clock and said, H*ly Sh*t. And that sleep was good. The more I sleep on our new bed the more I realise how much the old mattress was hurting me. No longer does my back hurt, or my hip, or my neck. And the sleep, deep and wide. So nice.

Once up we ran some small errands and hit up an Asian grocery that I found. And what a find it was! We spent half an hour just wandering the aisles taking in the sheer amount of stuff and all the crazy cartoon packaging. Of course we had to point out the questionable names we saw, most memorably Cow Bung, a Casey find, and Golden Cock Noodles, a Nicole find. Seriously. But the best part about that little exploration was the mochi. Just like the mochi at Trader Joe's, so we picked up some strawberry ice cream delight and I am totally looking forward to the first bite. Yum.

I also got a chance today to call a dumb ass driver out for her questionable driving decisions. She decided to pass us on the left, over a double yellow, into oncoming traffic. And get this, she only got to the school about 15 seconds before us. So I chewed her out in the office, even said, "yeah I am talking to you!" and she completely ignored me. BUT I know she heard me because of her shifty eye glances she was giving me. And the best part I was totally backed up by Casey from behind and my friends at the school in front. I had that crazy driver surrounded yo! And I intruded on her personal space. It was great. I win.

We just returned from dinner at our favorite Mexican place, where the patio was perfect, the nachos cheesy, the guac always right, and the frozen adult bevies are awesome. It was great.

I love Fridays. With hours left in the day I wonder what else will happen. Besides puppy snuggles, frozen margi's and a sunset.


Anonymous 10:09 PM  

sounds so nice!


martygentry 1:27 PM  

OK, you so need to tell me where these places are!!

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