Sunday, January 06, 2008


Tonight was the night to get everything lined up for Alex's return to school and our return to daily life. We crammed in a brunch with Grandpa, a movie fun time, a Target cruise, and a trip to the grocery.

Dinner was yummy and filling, everything eaten without complaint, and I am happy in the knowledge that he is in bed with a full tummy. My tummy isn't to full and only filled with good whole foods.

Winter Break Homework packet is finished and filed in the proper folder, clothes are picked out, back pack is stuffed and ready to be tossed over a shoulder.

The dishes are done, lunch is prepped and waiting, tea and cup are out for Mommy Reality time, breakfast is standing at attention (spoon and bowl and cereal on the alert), alarms are set, and stuff is ready to be sorted out to the proper kiddos at school.

My son is in bed, my dogs are snoozing, I am dreaming of a hot bath and knitting. I think I will take a cup of tea and my bamboo & wool and snuggle in to odd Sunday TV before I hit the sheets.

Tomorrow a new week, a new page in my calendar book, a new sheet of behavior, new meals to eat, new goals to reach, new appointments to hold, new beginnings after the holiday time warp.


Lisa 10:32 PM  

thank you so much for your support these last days.

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