Monday, January 21, 2008

Mess Confess

Me: Forgive me Father for I have Messed...

Me: We created the above mess weeks ago and I have left it to ruin. It has hindered my ability to get to my hamper, so it spawned another mess that is thankfully not pictured of laundry mountains and basket piles...

Me: And Father while I am confessing I'd like to get off my chest the state of our closet. It is a pitiful shameful disgrace. Clothing and shoes and bags everywhere. I would really like to move the previously mentioned hamper plus another one to the closet so our room is not a container of laundry piles but a nice peaceful restful, dust catcher free space.

Father: Child, my I suggest you get your behind out of my confessional and start cleaning?


Lisa 1:31 PM  

nothing like seeing it in photograph to make me realize how far it has gone! (personal experience, NOT yours I mean)

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