Saturday, December 01, 2007

We don't need 9, how about 7 and a 1/2.

We crossed many of things off our Christmas to-do list, most importantly for the little boy in the house, we got our tree. Now this tree is the first real tree that we have had in about 4 years, so Casey is beside himself with exclaimations of , " Hmmm smells like Christmas!" whenever we walk in the house. So cute. We trucked out to a recommended lot and picked out our tree pretty quickly. Now let me just say that we are not the family that spends hours searching for a perfect tree. We believe that the ornaments and the expierence and the holiday can make any tree beautiful. Yes, we are a Charlie Brown tree family. This tree didn't strike me as too CB, but we did buy it knowing that it had a crooked top. No big deal we said, "We can just trim it to fit our Santa topper and it will be fine." And it is fine because we love our tree just the way it, filled with our special ornaments, special lights, special new train that blows real smoke, and special because it looks like the top two feet have been cute off. But our Santa fits!

We spent our rainy afternoon and evening decorating, eating Casey's wildy great enchildas, and sprinkling the rest of the Christmas stuff where it normally settles. Including Alex's personal tree, which is competing for space with his mini book shelf, that he made himself, his lava lamp, radio, CD player, various odds and ends, and his money box. I love snipets of Alex.


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