Friday, November 30, 2007

Fridays are my favorite days!

Today is my favorite day of the week. Fridays always end up being an errand and cleaning day for me. Casey comes home on Fridays from his travels, and there is no reason for him to have to live with the messes that Alex and I made during the week. Well, we try to not submit him to them. It is also a super cooking day, I have a pot roast in the crock pot right now, and just know it will be amazingly soft and hot and brown later tonight.

Today I met my mom for coffee and breakfast muffins in the cafe at B&N. *sigh* I just love morning coffee and book snooping. I hinted, she hinted, we hinted for the men in our lives, we bugged the help desk lady, we snooped magizines, bougth calendars and then parted ways. Next stop was Costco which is truly one of the best places on earth. Especially at Christmas time. I am always amazed at how much I get for so little, but then again the bill is rarely less then $100. Of course I have to hit up the regular grocery for those things I don't need in 5 pound containers. I found the most perfect tube of Reese's topped with a Santa for Alex's advent house.

He sits right at the top of the chimney when placed inside all the way. How perfect is that?


lisa 7:19 PM  

i drooled reading about your pot roast.

Negin 9:02 PM  

The pot roast sounds so delightful. Perfect for a cold night, with a nice salad. And then some lovely dessert and coffee afterwards. Notice I just made a whole dinner menu with your pot roast. lol.

PS...your nails look so pretty! I have dark on my nails too right now! I got a mega manicure and pedicure yesterday (by mega i mean a $70 mani and pedi as opposed to the usual $25 one). the color i have on is called Linkin Park After Dark by O.P.I

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