Friday, November 23, 2007

To busy to take Pictures

Thanksgiving this year was plentiful.

Plenty of Food.

Plenty of Family.

Plenty of Friends.

Plenty of Laughs.

Plenty of Cold Weather.

Plenty of Ghost Hunters.

Plenty of Dishes Washed.

Plenty of Good Times.

We have so many leftovers, even with all that we sent home with guests. Our fridge seems to have multiplied with Tupperware containers. It is packed more then it was in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately my parents left early because my mom wasn't feeling well, even today she is under the weather. But I sent my Dad home with a belly full from dinner and a quarter of my Apple Pie. Which he ate every bit of. *grin*

Our day was full of favorite memories, memories that seemed to make up our own Hallmark commerical. My Dad sneaking a piece of crust from the pie 10 minutes after walking in the door. Alex and Olivia running around the house yelling, "Where are you?". My mom snuggling with Olivia on the couch for her nap. Casey telling my dad all about Shiner Black. The boys playing a couple rounds of Halo. Sharon laughing over the reindeer ornaments and making door hangers with the kids. Laying in bed after everything was put away, getting warm from the chill and laughing our butts off over Alex's , "That would be a bad job" comment. And today, waking up to cereal and a bowl of mashed potatoes.

I am Thankful for my husband and son, my family, my friends, my house that is warm and comfortable, for my five dogs who entertain and exasperate like no other, for the food in my larder and the for shower I am now going to go take.

Love my life, and love my loves.


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