Monday, October 22, 2007

A break in the irregular Hiatus

This break has been a great thing for me, a good thing, a positive thing, a producing thing. Lots of crafting going on, actually finishing up projects that have been languishing for sometimes years. Lots of music memories. Lots of decorating. Lots of Friend Making. Lots of Nicole Changing.

I find myself early this morning reading about the fire in San Diego and Malibu and it makes a quiver start low in my belly. I am reminded of the raining of Ash at Disneyland and our mad dash home through hours and hours of traffic in 2003 only to have weeks and weeks of ash, but luckily our home. I am worried about all our San Diego friends and their families.

Karelle, don't know if you still have property out in Julian but I hope you and yours are safe.
Gina, thanks for the links on your blog to the article updates, I really appreciate it.
Lisa, stay safe and sound your family too.
Negin, don't go to Malibu. *grin*
Countless others I am thinking of you and all my memories today.

Confession: I think I prefer possible hurricanes over wildfires.

Time to go make Eggs Benidict, gotta love early morning delish.


Anonymous 12:14 PM  

Yeah, we still have property in Julian, but we haven't developed it yet. The fire started in Ramona though and moved west so Julian was safe - this week! LOL

Thanks for thinking of us though!


MartyGentry 3:52 PM  

You are tagged again! LOL
look at my blog!

Negin 5:15 PM  

YAY for an update from you, BOO for fires taking over :( I pray for everyones safety. its so sad.

Dont worry love, I wont go to Malibu. Although the air quality is really icky here where I live and Ive had a headache all day so Ive been sleeping alot. Im not feeling so good and I feel like a jerk saying that because people are actually losing their homes, loved ones and their lives. :( You know how I hate the whole woe is me attitude.

come online when you get a chance..I miss my nicole ALOT.
I love u!

lisa 5:59 PM  

Glad you're back- it is comforting to have you right now. everyone is okay, but it sure is scary knowing that this is worse than 2003. I can't imagine....

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