Monday, September 17, 2007

six feet + of hunka hunka

This is Casey's little brother and his girlfriend, how the hell did he get to be so grownup. How the hell did I get to be so old!!

Casey and I were about the same age as Matt and his girl when we started dating, at that point Matt was a toddler who would rattle the stair gate when Casey and I would leave on dates. I think I even changed his diaper a couple times. God bless the old folks who remember the young folks back in the day. Holy Cow my brother in law is a looker!!!


lisa 10:01 PM  


And his girlfriend is hot!!!!

Negin 12:34 PM  

does casey have any other brothers? hahahhaa.

he def. is a hottie! matt that is...

well, fine... casey too...

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