Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Listed September

  • I have been teaching ALOT lately, which is great cash flow wise, but my feet are dying. Sweet Casey tried to remind me today when I called him after my class (which ran really really late) that I need to buy shoes that are comfortable not fun. Ummmm, yeah I will give that a shot. But at o'dark thirty in the AM sometimes the only thing that makes pulling on work clothes are the cute shoes that accompany those hose, and buttons, and black corporate wear. I even wore my flats today, super cute patent ballet flats, and I swear the floor is really hard. Or something.
  • Betty has a skin irritation again (same one she had when we first brought her home from the pound), so I have been finding chunks of black fur laying all over the house. It looks like Ales took scissors to a black stuffed animal. Her poor skin is horrible sensitive and flaky and raw. Ouch.
  • Chex mix is awesome
  • I had a bad dream last night about the Stephen King short story called the Mist. Wouldn't you know it, I woke up and it was misty and raining and I could all most see the underbelly of that great big monster scrape the top of my house. Scary Shit, especially standing on the end of the pier in Oceanside when the fog rolls in.
  • I am prepping for a HUGE migration to Office 2007, and I have to say I think this is the first migration that I actually am excited for. Maybe it is helps that we have some big paychecks attached to it. Gotta love the up in training classes because everyone has to re-learn it.
  • My feet are so sore and sensitive right now, that I would love to fill a foot bath full of lotion and just let them soak. God, that would be bliss.
  • Urban is my new favorite place to go find scathing definitions for stupid words that people use, like toxic and snarky and cougar. Dumb ass hats.
  • My new favorite thing is sleep in flannel sheets. Wait, that has always been my favorite thing.
  • Seasons are turning and I keep thinking about lamb chops and mint.


lisa 10:47 PM  

a bath of lotion for my feet...YEEEEES

Cute shoes are kind of the only cool thing that makes our day. stow some flip flops or slippers in the car or that you can trot around in during breaks!

Negin 11:39 PM  

when u look up snarky and toxic, does it show a pic of me?? lolll.

ps...some of those ballet flats reaaally make ur footsies totally ouchie! i wore mine to work today and they didnt feel so good :(

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