Sunday, September 09, 2007

The dilemma

I am one of those people who talks with her hands, always. Especially when I am teaching. Most of the time my students see my hands up close when I help them at their computers. My hands point things out the screen, give my stupid okay sign, and hijack their mouse when needed. Which brings me to my dilemma tonight, the big fire ant bite on my right hand pointer finger. The hand I use the most.

Do you see it?? That huge honkin' adolescent like zit on my finger?? It is actually the blister that forms after a fire ant bite. I could either leave it, pop the blister and have possible scarring, or cover it with a band aid that will make it itch like all get out. All this worry because of the actual client I am teaching for tomorrow, the big scary corporate client. If it was any of the others, I wouldn't worry. But these people notice everything, including band aids and finger zits. Damn. And ignore my sausage like digits, I swear they are long slender fingers like a piano player in real life.


lisa 12:50 AM  

Well, I'd say band-aid, cause I am bad at popping.

but I guess you could try the pop and then cover it up with a band aid if it fails. good luck!

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