Saturday, August 11, 2007

The slow twist of it all

My life is back in the twist of it all. I have bread baking in my french loaf pans, the laundry is tumbling, the kiddo is jamming in as many minutes of playtime as possible, the dogs are absorbing the AC as much as they can, the carpets are Dyson'd, the new light fixture is up in the kitchen, as well as the holder in the bathroom, and I felt everything click today. I am finally back to me, my habits, my makings of a life. It feels good, smells good, looks good, and nothing is better then the sounds a happy boy makes.

Yesterday put an end to the back to school shopping with a very boy pair of Chucks complete with skulls and black-a-tude. We snuck in a showing of StarDust, and my heart sighed over all the fantasy that is finally coming back to theaters. Our movie going pleasure just about doubled with all the previews we saw, most noteably the Chronicles of Spiderwick.

With school only two weeks away, I can firmly say that I am looking forward to Autumn and for summer to drift away. I am ready for warm comforts and fireplaces, I am ready for casseroles and hot chocolates, I am ready for pumpkins and heirlom turkeys to give thanks. I am just so very ready.


lisa 4:29 PM  

sigh. I am feeling this, too. Even as I am clinging desperately to summer, my favorite, something inside of me always searches for autumn.

glad stuff is falling into place. I finally got some things up myself on my walls that I've been meaning to put up for months. completing is good.

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