Sunday, August 12, 2007

Retail wish

If I was given one retail wish right now, it would be to have a Whole Foods included in the MEGA shopping center being build near our house. *sigh* I just returned from the one WF in town, way on the other side of town, and it wasn't even a big one. BUT I did fall back in love with their cafe, and their bakery and the fish mongers who tell Alex which fish are actually bigger then him. With the tiny double decker baskets they supply, the small amount of things we picked up and our bellies full of a shared smoothie, I left there wishing I had one close to me. *sigh*

Please oh Please retail gods, get rid of the Ulta and Shrimp House and put in a Whole Foods and maybe a Starbucks if that isn't asking to much...


lisa 2:20 PM  

Yeah! No Shrimp House! ;-) I hope the retail gods answer your prayers. I am going to go good shopping today. I need some non-hormoney things!

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