Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Paper Thin

Their Shaking Hands, their shaking in their shoes, Oh Lord Don't shake me down...

I have been around, just really busy. Here is a list of some current favorite things right now:

  • Modest Mouse, Plain White Tees, Frou Frou
  • Gaiam, exercise ball DVD, I better have iron abs for how much they ache right now.
  • Purlsoho.com
  • Dirty Potato Chips
  • The Golden Compass on DVD to listen to at night with Alex instead of the random country station.
  • Big Love
  • " A Well Kept Home", a giftie from my buddy LeeAnn.
  • Hot Hot baths with mindless reading.
  • My new black slides from Target, like wearing slippers to work.
  • Having a new project on my sticks!
  • Pedicures, time for another one with my mom.
  • Meerkat Manor, where I have been?! Love this show.

So LeeAnn and I have challenged each other with a "finish it up" month of projects. Here it is, for the month of August, instead of watching TV or blog trolling or whatever, finish up all those half completed projects. It has been tough, but I have broken my time into one hour of TV time a night, I usually use it for the stinkin' addictive Virtual villager game Alex and I are into. So here is my project list:

  • Touch up master bathroom painting and hang cabinet doors.
  • Repair the kitchen light
  • Finish up the endless Afghan, only three rows left!
  • Organize all of Casey's billing with detailed job sheets for each week.
  • Streamline our budget.
  • Line my dresser drawers with something pretty.
  • Pull the small amount of stubborn weeds from the pool, so the liner can go in next week!
  • Organize hallway closets. BIG job!

So far, I haven't done too bad, been working on the closets and budget and billing paperwork.

Have you ever stopped and looked at the sheer amount of STUFF in your house, oh my god, it is everywhere... HELP!!!


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