Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Figured it out...

Lately I have been feeling tired and crabby and just not up to snuff. Last night I finally figured out why, and to combat the ickies I decided to do a spa night once Alex was in bed.
So I assembled my army, a fleet of Green tubs and tubes, shaving implements, some lavender salt scrubs, an oatmeal bath soak, towels, and the biggest dang tube of Shea butter I could find. All of these products combined with a long hot soak, a bottle of Excedrin, and an hour later I was feeling a bit more like me. Hallelujah for epiphanies!!


lisa 7:25 PM  

mmmmmmmmmmmmm! the exedrin and the uber body butter are my favorites!

gina 11:18 PM  

ahhhh, i need some "me" time like that. sounds amazing!!

Negin 1:25 PM  

I need to learn from you.

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