Monday, July 16, 2007

What is that smell?

I woke this morning at 4:07 am smelling something, not a bad smell, but in fact quite good. Something possibly food based, but I won't ever know for certain because I was still in that in between state of sleep and waking up. But I stayed up because I totally forgot to set my alarm for my morning walk with Sharon. And I can't have my friend standing on my stoop in the dark while I am snuggled up in bed with Casey. That would be just rude.

After a walk, some business, some Alex scheduling, and some calendar reviewing I finally got around to visiting my coffee pot. Oh lovely pot full of caffeine that is so much better when cream meets you. Oh pot that drips black gold into my mega mugs and keeps me going when I really just want to join my still sleeping family upstairs. Oh coffee I love you, we will be best friends forever. Or at least until I develop acid reflux.

So who is your best friend at O'dark thirty?


lisa 8:59 AM  

Since she is almost always up, London is usually my friend at o dark thirty.

and later, it MUST be coffee. With lots and lots of cream & sugar.

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