Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Rare treat

Yesterday when I got the chance to settle down on the couch and crochet, I discovered that Dirty Dancing was just getting ready to start. I have to let you know that Dirty Dancing is one of my all time favorite movies, but it is one of those movies that I usually watch solo since Casey can't stand it. He even bought me the DVD so I wouldn't submit him with it, but could watch it when ever I wanted to.

My love for DD started when it came out, my mom actually let me play hooky from school and we went out to a theater in San Marcos to watch Baby and Johnny grind it out. Then a couple years later my best friends 4 year old little sister would race down stairs in her cut out jeans and midriff shirt and white Keds every time the Mambo scene would come on. It was one of those movies that we would play certain scenes over and over to try and learn every single dance, dirty and respectable.

Fast forward to this week and it was the one category on the World Series of Pop Culture that I could answer every question. I had no clue I knew it as well as I do. What made Yesterdays DD treat even better was that when Casey finished up some mad Gaming spree with Alex, he didn't change the channel AND I even got to fill him in on the back story, like why was Baby learning the dance, and who really got Penny pregnant. And why the scene when Johnny busts out his window with a fence post while " This Overload" is playing in the background was so hot. Ooohhh the rain, the black outfit, and tough bad guy illusion, so hot. It got my middle school heart a pounding and it still gets my 30ish heart bumping too!

The thing that really gets me about yesterdays movie treat is that it totally made me forget that we saw the new Harry Potter yesterday, seriously the only impression that I was left with was that Daniel Radcliff has turned into a man...and Harry is packing some heat!


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