Monday, July 02, 2007

No Obligations

My day is done, my makeup is off, my hair is down, my pj's are on, I am ready for a full 7 days off with no obligations. Seven days with my family, seven days to cook, seven days to go bare faced and bare foot, seven days without an alarm clock, seven days to relax and get rid of my Excedrin dependency. Seven days to get rid of those dark circles, to catch up on laundry and dusting. Seven days to maybe scrap again, to take loads of pictures, to see movies and read books, and maybe even soak in my tub again. Seven days off with out outside obligations.


gina 8:39 PM  

enjoy it, honey!! you deserve it! xoxo

lis 9:38 PM  

feels good just reading it. yay!

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