Saturday, June 30, 2007


Coming home from breakfast with my men and finding a package on the doorstep is the best thing. It is even more of a good thing when the package contains some super gifties like Basin bathbombs, mickey socks, strawberry and cream lotion and gel, and the best socks ever.

Seriously if my feet could induce orgasm I would be one happy girl. Even Casey agrees that they are exceptional fabulous.

Thanks for a great gift Lisa! And the elephant flying card is THE best thing ever. Love it.


lis 7:41 PM  

Orgasm socks TOTALLY TOTALLY. Sorry they didn't get to you until when it was cold, but hey GOOD FOOT MOMENTS.

I am so glad you like them.

ps- there is a glow-in-the dark soap for A!

gina 12:15 PM  

haha, those socks rule! good find, Lis!

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