Friday, July 13, 2007

Darkest part of night

I had the chance to sleep in today, but once I was up at 4:30, I do believe I turned that sleeping corner. All of a sudden my blankets were too hot, but my exposed skin was too cold. The dogs were up and staring at me on the bed, coffee was the only thing I could taste, and I had to pee. The real kicker was when Betty decided to go downstairs first, which immediately made me jump up and run down stairs to let her outside. No front room presents for me! So now I sit here with coffee in hand, in a lovely mug care of Robin, my day listed out, my washer sloshing in the laundry room, and the sun still hasn't risen. Neither has Alex.

Some things that have been on my mind:

  • Betty is getting to be old. She even is acting really old. She walks like an old lady and she has run into me twice because her eyesight is failing even more.
  • I really dislike the fabric used as curtains in my kitchen, I am so ready to rip them off the walls, but that involves removing the cornice above our big window and then removing the supporting 2x4 that the dang fabric is wrapped around.
  • Espresso colored paint... ummmm.
  • Ikea, can you tell that I am in a household mood?
  • Frogs are everywhere right now. Hundreds of small frogs and toads are all over our yard due to the crazy amounts of rain and flooding we had. Hate those little buggers.
  • The new school year feels like it is right around the corner. I am getting excited for Alex's 2nd grade year, hopefully we got the teacher we requested. She is awesome and the lead teacher for his grade level. Plus I have had a huge urge to go supply shopping, love all the stuff when it is new and clean and perfect.


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