Thursday, July 12, 2007

$4 .vs. $20

They smell like weeds, feel like weeds, but they don't look like weeds, so they must be flowers! Flowers that look even better in a small creamer, flowers that look lovely with Alex's bowl of strawberries. Flowers that look happy everywhere that I have toted them in the house. so far they have lived on my nightstand, in our bathroom, next to my laptop on the kitchen table, they have visited the deck and front room, and are right now looking adorable next to the not so adorable TV remotes. Oh for the love of flowers...

When I was a kid we lived in La Costa. Between La Costa and Encinitas, decades before the super Target and mega subdivisions went in there were miles of flower fields carved from the sandstone cliffs. One field had a ramshackle, literally built with wooden crates, stand that sold armloads of the fresh cut flowers. My mom would buy armloads, hers and mine, of a dozen different type of flowers for maybe $20. She would pull out the tall heavy glass vases when we got home and would liter every flat surface with those clear pillars of bright flowers.

Today, I get a creamer full of flowers for $4. Oh what a sweet creamer it is though...


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