Friday, June 22, 2007

4am and everthing after

Everyday this week I have been up at 4am, all so I can go walking with a friend. Those first 15 minutes after tearing myself from bed are so brutal. My eyes are swollen and thick, my thoughts are scattered and half formed, and the pillows look so perfectly shaped for my head. But walking has been great. I was so sore the first two days, slightly sore the next two, this morning though I was energized before we started and not even a lick sore. Once home I super cleaned my kitchen, did two loads of laundry, gathered and took out the trash, cleaned up the hard floors downstairs, pulled some weeds, played with the puppies, and have drafted a mega to-do list. I can totally see the merit of waking up so early each day, so much more can get done without a kiddo underfoot. There is also so much quiet. No TV or sounds, no cars, no one around except us two, the sky is still dark with the sunrise about an hour away, and we have had some of the best conversations. It is amazing what you will talk about while walking fast in the dark giggling like schoolgirls.


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