Sunday, May 27, 2007

What they do... bond when Daddy comes home from a business trip. They lock themselves up in Casey's office (that really needs a paint job) and play Halo for hours against each other. The lights are turned off, the speakers are up to 11, and they chase each other around in cyberspace with phantoms and rayguns and crazy ass maps. Love them for this. Love my geeky husband and bug.

Last night Alex had his first sleepover at a friends house, and it went wonderfully! The other mom is a single military mom and has very strict rules and expectations, but she is the best rewarding Mother I have ever seen. I know the boys had hot tub time, a full sized tent to sleep in, a marshmellow fight with her involved, and a hike this morning before I picked him up. Casey and I spent our solo night catching up over revamped leftovers, a poorly played Spurs game, and an early night in bed. We woke up early, which was a bit of a surprise, had breakfast at home and made a trip to Home Depot for supplies to fix the fence. It was nice...

Then we raided the movie store where we got a kiddo Hot Wheels movie and Borat and hit up the grocery for mad sandwich makings. Once home we gnashed sandwiches together, watched the kiddo movie and then I sat stunned over the fat hairy man's nude scene in Borat. OMG, I can't believe that mad it past the censors and honestly i can't believe that movie was nominated for an Oscar, OMG one more time.

Dinner was Chicken Bruscetta and pasta, and now I am in the throws of laundry that really needed to be done while the menfolk play some crazy Halo. A good fun Sunday.


lisa 11:39 PM  

cute father son nerd time!

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