Monday, May 28, 2007

Color Inspiration

Alex's Bathroom shower Curtain.
It is a bit washed out and transparent, but this is my color inspiration for Alex's bathroom. I want to paint it the dark blue color, with bright white accents. I also can't stop thinking of ripping up the yuck linoleum floor and putting down basic white hexagon tiles and maybe a pedestal sink or new sink cabinet unit. I know Home Depot always has good deals on bathroom fixtures and if our timing is right then I can totally score. And new floorboards, oh for the love of new floorboards!
All this bathroom talk stemmed from all of us sitting down and hashing out a set of house rules, rewards, daily chores and consequences. Today's chore for Alex was trash collection and take out. So it being his first time I showed him the ropes and we used a super big bag since I had been slacking on trash duty. When we reached his bathroom, which is one of those previously mentioned rooms that I haven't been in for weeks, I got fed up and super cleaned, purging under the cabinet, purging bath toys, and disinfecting everything from the ceiling to the floor and back again.
Which brings me to an Aside: PINE SOL LEMON ROCKS. End Aside.
So with his bathroom purged, a better understanding of the bathroom clean up expectations, I now feel the urge to revamp his bath, because honestly bathrooms are meant to be nice places to relax in. Right? Nothing can clench the booty checks together like a yucky bathroom, hence the sole use of the Master bath for the last couple weeks. LOL!
So if you haven't got it yet, I am excited about bathroom revamp possibilities.


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