Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Yesterdays quick evening post was misleading, it made my day sound simple, when in fact it was crazy busy. Time Line follows:

6:00 am Phone call from my neighbor at work, her daughter thinks her water broke, so that means we are in for a fast trip to the hospital. * I was asked to be there for the birth!*
6:30 am Alex is up, chowing food in a sleepy way, we are both partially dressed and doing the mad Monday scramble for school stuff.
7:00 am Alex is dropped off at school early, but Ethan is waiting too, so the boys are happy as goons. He gets an extra breakfast of cinnamon rolls because he has been such a good sport about the crazy morning schedule change.
7:05 am At neighbors madly shoving things in neighbors overnight hospital bag because she didn't think to pack anything!?!?!?
7:45am Arrive at hospital after battling some crazy traffic.
8:15am FINALLY find a parking spot and get her waddling butt up and down the hallways and elevators. Want to stick a coffee IV into my neighbor since she is in LaLa land thinking her grandson is on his way. I have sneaking suspicion that her water didn't really break due to conversation.
9:30 am Doctor's decide that she didn't have a rupture, her contractions are mild enough and more BH like that they can send her home because they really need the room. * There was an IN LABOR women in the waiting room, having to be on a bench because the LDR ward was FULL* Seriously.
10:00am Arrive at parents for pre-arranged Mother's Day shopping trip. Dad distracts me with his new luggage show and talk of mini vans.
11:30am Lunch, what can I say, its a good thing, at Grady's for some crazy BBQ. Dad thinks the zit on my chin is a spot of BBQ sauce. GREAT...
Noon Finish said shopping trip with Dad.
1:00 pm Arrive home to tie up some lose ends on work and email, let out the dogs, and distract my Mom *who is with me now* from the mess that has become my house.
2:00pm Alex gets let out early, we head to super stadium theater to see Spidey in IMAX. SWEET!
4:00pm Spidey was good, the part we saw because IMAX projector BREAKS at the Climactic Height of movie.
4:20pm Theater decides that all 500 of us can't hang out until it gets fixed, so they cancel this showing and ask us to wait in line for a refund and vouchers for anther IMAX flick.
5:30pm head to super uber mall, ooohhhh retail therapy. I love touching it all.
6:00pm Dad surprises me with my Mother's Day gifty, I think I say "really?! WOW!" like 100 times.
7:00pm Finally leaves Apple store.
7:15Pm Park our butts on the patio at Chang's. BLISS
8:30pm Leave Chang's and drive home with the sunroof open and the cool crispy evening wind blowing in. Love last nights weather.
9:00pm home and have to do some mad dog management since the boogers had to be in the dark due to a burnt out bulb. Poor muffins were frantic.
After 9:00pm Don't remember much, just wanting bed and quick.

I fell asleep remembering the sound of Alex's fetal heartbeat. Such a steady comforting sound. I swear his heart still beats that fast.


lisa 10:16 PM  

what a crazy-busy full day. Tell me more about Changs.

And what is BH?

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