Sunday, April 08, 2007

What is a Cascarone?

I have had a couple emails about Cascarones, our super fun San Antonio Easter treat. Cascarones are confetti filled Easter eggs that you can have all sorts of fun with.

You can pretty much get them anywhere out here around Easter time. I think I paid $1 a box.
Basically they have cut off the end of an egg, dyed it, stuffed it full of confetti, and covered the broken end with tissue paper.
Some are filled with paper confetti others with metallic confetti.
Since they hurt like a Mo'Fo when you actually throw them hard enough to break on someone, we have started crushing them in our hands first...
Then we throw them at each other or at curious dogs.

And that is my little Cascarone demonstration. Lisa your box is on its way. I hope your class enjoys them!


gina 8:39 PM  

those are SO cool!!!

lisa 1:08 PM  

i cant wait!

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