Sunday, April 08, 2007

Vote for me and I will make all your wildest dreams come true


Our day started off at 3:30am with Alex asking if it was morning yet. Then it restarted at 7:40am with him showing us what the Easter bunny brought him, which we made him put back in his basket till we were downstairs with him. E.Bunny sure spoiled him this year, but it was worth it to see his face. Then my parents showed up and while I started the cinnamon swirl bread and Casey cooked eggs, we chatted over scraps of honey ham and OJ. Food, Champagne ,Cascarones and talk of the freeze later, they are heading home and we are enjoying the dance scene from Napoleon D.

Evidence of a cascarone fight.

Happy Day!


leece 5:49 PM  

was that a cascaron?

happy easter

vote for pedro!

gina 8:39 PM  

that sounds fun!! glad you guys had a nice day. :o)

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