Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Catching Up Listed

No time to super update so here's a list!

  • Super crafting going on, lots of unfinished projects finishing up!
  • Mega Mail pile to go out next week.
  • Casey caught a thief in the act!
  • Getting use to my new short hair.
  • Made an awesome Shepard's pie, so good I pouted when Casey had the last piece.
  • Made awesome French bread, OMG so good.
  • My Tiger's have two achievements to meet and then they have earned their badge, WOO HOO!!
  • I need a filing cabinet
  • A pitbull killed a dog in our neighborhood, not good.
  • I had the best airplane dream last night.
  • We are going to a Backwards party for a very gay friend. Hehehhee I imagine that there will be feather boas.
  • Alex super cleaned his bedroom yesterday, so nice!
  • I am sporting a wee sunburn, nothing like Casey's, from talking to the neighbors outside for two hours Monday.
  • Peach tea is the best.


lisa lu 11:57 PM  

Peach tea IS the best. I think I'll make some.

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