Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Operations Laundry has hit a snag.

Today is a day that I must accomplish some major laundry. Seriously, can't describe the laundry operation that I am undertaking today. Mountain, piles, in every room. Some are clean, some are dirty, and some just need to soak and bleach and become pure if possible. First thing I need to gather together the piles to sort, LAUNDRY BASKETS.I know for a fact that we have three. I have to go on a quest to locate all three baskets today since they went AWOL.

Nope not here, but I can spy some laundry that needs corralling.

AH basket #1 all ready in Laundry process. Love that pro activeness on its part.

Oh this needs basket too, I happen to know this is clean, just didn't make it to its home.

Hooray basket #2, I found you as well as the pile of stuff to sort and put away.

Still looking for basket #3, but I must be close with piles like this spilling about.

FOUND IT!! Tucked away in a closet in the spilling over office. Casey is officially a basket snatcher. But I do think I gave permission for this snatch.

And this just made me giggle. Looks like a baggie of blow but it is actually just Casey's face scrub for the road, baking soda. Cause really we just need a little toot in the mornings, its better then coffee. GOSH I am totally kidding.


lisa lu 6:36 PM  

GREAT post!!! Loved it

gina 11:47 PM  

hahahaha, "a little TOOT in the mornings"!

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