Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Let it Ice Part Duex

It is amazing how quiet it is with everyone still asleep. I have been up since 5:30am for one reason or another, I figured there was no point in going back to sleep since I would just be up again and then very groggy. Between the winter cold, the cloudy sky, and the blankets I tacked up over the windows to keep the freeze at bay, our entire upstairs is shrouded in darkness, like a cocoon.

Last night I had a scrap attack while prepping a new class. I ended up finishing the page preps on my Thankful album, all I have to do now is mega journaling and photo spreads. I also prepped a page in Alex's life album and started my 52 words for me deck album. Pictures coming soon, once I get some decent natural light.

The hard freeze is expected to end today, which means all the lovely icicles we have hanging off of our house will turn into potential weapons when the ice melts. I have a feeling we will go on an icicles busting spree at some point today, especially the deck. Other then that we are hunkering down for day two of the Ice Storm, Alex is out of school for today as well and most of the city is shut down due to horribly icy roads and bridges. Pictures of our icy yard to come soon.

Time to make breakfast and watch the news.


lisa 8:03 PM  

damn, friend, I'd give almost anything to be hanging out cocoon style in the house- even a cold house- and being creative in the quiet.

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