Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A bit of the South

Daily shot of a couple grey curls in the mop of black.

Day 2 at the clients, big day that I actually conquered. First time in a long time that I thought I was going to puke with nerves. But I didn't hooray!

So I thwarted the barking dogs and crossed eyes today by wearing comfortable shoes ( hahahah that makes me giggle) and not looking at the projector screen, only at my monitor. I left early due to loads of rain and as I was dashing towards the door at the client location, an older gentleman with a newspaper over his head dashed in front of me to open the door (it was obvious that he ran the extra distance to beat me to the double doors to open them), then he dashed in front of me again to open the inner door and even took my umbrella and shook it out for me so I wouldn't get wet. He called me Ma'am but in a way that made me feel young not old and scabby, and even went out of his way to wish me a delightful day. It WAS delightful having a gentleman actually go out of his way to treat me respectfully and professionally. His behavior just brought all the other "professionals" selfish behavior to light for me. They are so busy rushing about trying to climb the corporate ladder that they forget to act the part that this corporate was built on. They might have the college degree but few of them have the manner and likable personalities that all the older executives I have dealt with at this corporation ooze. When the reins of command change hands to the younger generation of suits, it will be sad to see the hospitality and Southern charm disappear. It all most makes me forgive the company for their strict dress code policy of hose and heels. All most.


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