Tuesday, December 12, 2006

One gifty to post

Binder Cover
Binder Tabs

I finally get to post a completed Christmas gift here on my blog. I made my mom a binder that will hold all her manuals for household appliances. I was at her house in October and noticed a big messy pile of manuals that she was sorting through. She literally purged what she no longer had and then put all the rest into a ziplock bag. The Horrors!! So I altered a binder and made tabbed pages with sheet protectors in between each section so she can put the manuals in the protectors. I made six tabs hopefully that will be enough to generalize her appliances.
Woo Hoo for another gifty done! I have finished a bunch more, but all the other recievers read my blog, my mom doesn't. So Dad don't let her see this!


lisa 11:24 PM  


Anonymous 4:30 PM  

You have lots os sweet ideas! I simply must know what the huge work fiasco is!!!!!!

staceyfike 11:49 PM  

well isn't that clever?!!!
i missed this post earlier.....must think of copying that soon!!

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