Monday, December 04, 2006

Comfort Habits

Sorry for the dark pictures, I am trying out a new camera. There are all sorts of new things to learn with it. But these pictures were too rare to not share. These two are never together, ever!

Since the weather has changed, I bring the dogs in early at night now and let them thaw out and mellow down with us in the evening. Few things in life are as comforting as a house full of happy resting pups, a sweet boy playing Pirate ships, a new Gingerbread house, and a warm meal cooking on the stove top.

I have been thinking about food and mealtimes alot lately. Well I always think about food, but now I am thinking MORE about it. Growing up my mom always made dinner, we would go out, but the majority of my memories were of her cooking, or sitting down to eat a home made meal. And we usually ate dinner late in the evening because my dad commuted to Los Angeles for years. Which meant I always went to bed with a full warm tummy. There is something comforting about being down with all the schoolwork and chores, eating dinner, then taking a bath and tumbling into bed warm inside and out. I can remember her Au Gratin Potatoes, soups, Beef burgenndey (sp?), always a salad with radishes green onions and tomatoes, chicken stirfy, and Mac 'n Cheese two ways (one baked for my dad, one soft for me). Then there was that period of time when she was home ( I was always a latch key kid), and I can remember one day coming in the door after school and smelling the Spice Cake with maple icing she has made. Around that same time she had cleaned my room for me and put a dish of candies on my desk because I was having friends over to work on a school project. I totally appreciated that and I thought I had the coolest mom.

Now, I want to create that with Alex. Admittedly, it is easier to fed Alex and I on convience foods when Casey is on a business trip. But they aren't very good for us, nor do they make the house smell homey and comforting. I want to teach Alex to savor a hot breakfast instead of a bowl of colored sugar pops. I want him to enjoy being in the kitchen while dinner is cooking, helping to set the table, enjoying the food that is put before him. I don't want it all to be a struggle simply because he only wants a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

Once again I can demostrate that I am fabulous planner, but not that great on excuting said plans. My pantry, fridge, and freezer are so well stocked that there are few things I need to pick up. I could cook a different meal from my larder every day for a month before I would need to restock. That is all alot of food, and I know it. So this month, while Casey is on a mega trip, Alex is going to get in the habit of eating real food and (shock) a salad too. He will be rewarded with a basic dessert of yogurt or maybe a bit of brownie. But come hell or high water this month will be the start of home cooked goodness.

I want to create those memories for him that my mom created for me. I don't know if she meant to make those memories, but I have them. And those moments will be with me forever like a mental security blanket.

So tonights menu is Pork Chops with Applesauce, wile rice and zuchini rounds. We have a super yummy artisan loaf to butter up and salad to have with it, and at the end a bit of fuji apple yogurt. Maybe I will make a before bed hot chocolate too.


lisa 7:46 PM  

can I come over?

This sounds lovely. my mother never gave me a chance so I was forced (thankfully) to eat home-prepared meals!

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